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Our postmodern culture as we all realize is a predominantly oral culture world wide and messages can no longer be delivered in a mere didactic style but has to capture the imagination by creating an experience of the reality faced by our brothers and sisters globally in the ongoing efforts of evangelism.

Jonahre propose theologically appropriate uses for arts and media to be implemented. It is certainly to educate and to challenge but in a fresh styles that offers the fully orbed expression of storytelling technique. In Africa stories are predominantly manifest in the passion of the stories of the people, crafted in all forms of art.

These testimonies do not reside in carefully crafted words but in artistic collaborative works of craft. Educating from a Majority world and predominantly oral culture may we consider the impact and be inspired to take back from Cape Town into all cultures, the expressions of the Gospel in forms of creative expression to communicate the full breadth of God's communication to and through His people from all cultures.





Calvin College

Fuller Seminary

University of Johannesburg


St Andrews


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