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Marg Rehnberg


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Marg Rehnberg PhotoBorn in Chicago, I've always been drawn to the arts. I love the restorative aspects of life and nature as well as the invisible world. Soothing, evocative colors build layers of texture I call "earthy liturgies of land, sea and sky".

"My soul is seized by the wonders of provocative earth...
From the breadth of the skies to the depths of the seas.
If, in dipping my brush, I might expose what seems concealed—
the majesty of it all, it is not I, but the Creator still.

If one peaceful moment beckons belief and a place to imagine a
haven of rest, then I have done what I must do."


How did you get into art?

I see it as a miracle—and it began when I approached five decades on earth. I began to paint wildly on walls—out of desperation. I was a retailer and was going through a very difficult period. When I painted, it soothed me deeply. When I ran out of walls, I began to paint canvases. I had so many I began to sell them.  The Lord showed me how art can be useful—not only in daily life—but, as a "beautiful way to make a difference" in the world. I began a company called "CompassionArt". I am so awed when beauty and wholeness not only enlivens walls, but also enriches and even saves lives.


What role does art have in your life?

Art is a way to be reminded of what is important in life.


How do you describe your art? Medium? Style? Uniqueness?

I am an abstract artist. I used textures and colors because of how much I love nature. We need to be brought back to the natural elements of the world. It helps life make more sense. Because of technology and all the information, life gets complicated. Art is a simple tool to create wholeness.


Tell me about the piece you're creating.

It's called Immaculate. It's the angel comforting Mary telling her to not be afraid (Luke 1:26-35). I'm trying to create an image that reflects a place of compassion. The womb is a place of compassion. Mary's womb was consumed by the Holy spirit through the love of the Father. My goal is to create an image that will show that deep moment that changed the world.


Please describe your creative process for your entry.

I'm combining digital imagery and layers of paint.


What do you hope for the patrons of the Christmas Art walk 2015?

I hope they get wonder and awe that God himself chose to become human.


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Art by Marg Rehnberg
Art by Marg Rehnberg
Art by Marg Rehnberg





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