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The Jonahre trust will fund arts initiatives that follow a Biblical paradigm for using the visual arts globally as means of presenting the Gospel of Christ to the world’s diverse ethnical people groups through stories.

Jonahre Art and film bring the witness of Biblical Stories for each culture to speak to the souls of people in ways to which they can relate.

The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate GoalSouth African Sports Coalition (SASCOL) is an initiative by predominantly church leaders representing a large constituency of South African churches. The Ultimate Goal is a project of SASCOL and is the outreach initiative taking place during June and July 2010.

The Ultimate Goal is a network of local and international churches, para-church organisations and ministries all working together on one common goal: To bring hope and change to South Africa.


Mobilizing and empowering the body of Christ to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through the platform of the 2010 event.


  • To train and mobilize at least 2000 churches in at least 600 of South Africa’s towns and cities to run some form of outreach during the event.
  • Reach about 14 million people with the Gospel during the 30 days of the event.
  • To have soccer related outreach activities in 40 African countries.

Opportunities to serve

  • Prayer
  • Resources
  • Training /Envisioning
  • Communication / Call Centre / Administration
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sports Ministry
  • Creative Arts (Arts In Action!)
  • Touring Team Hosting
  • Service Outreach
  • Finance

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Letter From Eugene Rens, National Govenor — Arts In Action




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